The San Francisco Land Use Coalition was formed to take a proactive role in developing solutions to unabating land use issues that are causing irreparable damage to our city. 

Land use discussions have taken on critical importance. Policies that were developed over many years to protect and enhance the quality of life of residents of San Francisco no longer work. Campaigns employed by citizens concerned about their health and safety, the environment, transportation and other issues, have resulted in small, individual victories and an even greater number of losses at the expense of exhausted advocates. For these reasons, we feel that direct action has become a necessary strategy. 

Our Goals: 

  • Ensure that citizens and administrative officials are considered equal partners in making decisions that affect our environment; 
  • Allow for sensible growth while soliciting support from surrounding residents; 
  • Prevent displacement of existing residents; 
  • Protect historic resources from destructive alteration or demolition. Neighborhood input must be compulsory; 
  • Ensure that all development is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood; 
  • Demand that any land use changes be sensitive to the cultural and socioeconomic fabric of our communities.